Wednesday, December 11, 2013

day 5 for baby....

its about her.
baby X
the name is still confidential.
even chee ade mention kat iya her name.
inshaaAllah thats her official name.
but its much better to wait her mama annouce it first.

yesterday chee dah leh keluar hospital.
Alhamdulillah BP dah okay.

but....just now iya receive this from chee:

i know its sad.
but look a her.
she is so strong.

the only things iya leh wat is to give hope.
encourage her to be keep on praying.
iya too.still keep on praying to Allah.
inshaaAllah chee.

kita usaha same2 even though kite jauh.
im here.

be strong baby girl.
inshaaAllah.auntie sayang baby.
sayang sgt even xpernah jumpe.


  1. X akan jadi kekuatan buat mak dan ayah dia. Rina yakin baby kuat dan akan cepat sembuh..amin!

  2. Ya Allah..permudahkanlah urusan mereka.

  3. ameen ameen.inshaaAllah kawan2 :)