Friday, June 21, 2013

Emotional Weeks

for the past 2 weeks,iya keeps on feeling sad,frustated and sometimes feel very very down. :(

i dunno why...but somehow Allah have His plan for me.
i keep feeling this way...then Allah guide me back.

today,iya dah peod dh.datang in time according to Period Tracker Apps.

somehow i feel all the symptoms is really make me so so saddd....
kadang2 duk pkir y am i the only one feel this way.
but i know inside tak boleh tak boleh.
kena kuat.kena tabah.kena redha.
ini ketentuanNya.

ye,in shaa Allah dengan izin Allah.
iya kuat.iya kuat.
wlaupon sedih ssgt.xde org nk dgr luahan hati ini.
takde sape pon nak layan but u must strong iya.

Allah dont give me now.
but definitely Allah is giving me something better one day.
in shaa shaa Allah.

who else to motivate me?
only Allah's love.
Oh Allah.Your servant is so weak and u know it.
Make me strong to serve u.
Make me a better muslim.
Make me one of your chosen one.

my need u Allah...MashaAllah....