Tuesday, May 28, 2013

will they understand?

will ever "they" understand how i feel.
only Allah.

how many times i cry.i told them about my suffering...
they will never fully understand.
but i will never blame them.
its nobody fault.

not even my husband
not even my mom
not even my close fren (except one bff maybe which TTC like me)
but the truth is.....
i feel empty.
i feel lonely.
i wanna feel the nausea like they feel, i mean like the story have been told over n over how the pregnancy would be like.....

i wanna feel how exactly its feel when someone move inside you.
i wanna feel how is it feel when someone hungry inside you...which i guess most of pregnant women like when they ngidams come....

i dunno.i just want to feel it.
how is it like when u hold someone u can call ur own kid.
thats all.

Oh Allah, help me.help me console my heart.


  1. yup.. it true...
    I also likes u dear...
    feel so lonely, empty n sometime I feel
    that I not a perfect women.. huhuu
    but when I think another people that more lonely that me... (women that TTC more than 1 year).. i lebey beruntung kerana msih lagy bleh mencuba..

    1. itu laaa.kite yg alami lebih tahu.kadang org boleh kata xpe honeymoon dlu tapi kt lain.xpe..Allah paham n dengar rintihan hambaNya.in shaa Allah one day we will b together get kids...a lot of it :D