Sunday, May 19, 2013

The People.The Stranger -_-

oh well....its reality!!!
xsemua benda itu indah.
kadang rasa marah.sedih.
but still its not their fault.
manusia bukan??? :)

if i were them...i will also ask the most popular questions among us all....hahahaha "dah pregnant?"
"bile nak ber3?" 

i guess people lack of sense of sensitivity laaa kot kan... haih! -_-"

and lagi laaa zaman teknologi
far more worst bila emotional tgk frens talk and talk and talk.........
or should i say as post and post and post and post and another post about what???

what else....their pregnancy.their ngidams.their baby afterwards.their cuteness. Alhamdulillah they r all happy!!!

and u know what? i want it too.
i want it sooo bad until at nite im crying on my husband shoulder...but ummm about a few mins only.hehehe.

mane leh cry lame2....cian laki!!! ;)

but to be farrrrrr more worstest ever.... bile the very very very stranger person which barely know u ask u like this???

"dah pregnant?"
"haih...dah lame dh kawen xkan xpregnant lg"

aaaa....this situation blh mendatangkan amarah ni.hahahahampeh!

iya jawab je "tanyalah Allah"
sentap ko!

haha.adios! ;)

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