Sunday, May 19, 2013

papsmear PUSRAWI

i remember that day.but not the date! haha :p

my older sis laa suh try wat papsmear.dari situ leh tahu if kita ade probs in rahim.cthnyer cancer.

yg iya igt time tu dh oneyear kawen.coz iya penah bgtau al nak start all the checkups after a year trying.konon! :p

so iya g pusrawi and jumpe with doctor (mom's fren) and she scan rahim tgk if ade possibility problems ape2.

dia ckp normal semua n suppose xde masalah utk pregnant. Alhamdulillah. :)

then....baru wat papsmear.sakit kah?
mcm geget semutapi jaaa. :))
then within 2wks depa sms if xde probs which me got it. if ade probs ngan results,depa akan call kite utk further checkup.

thats it about the 1st one.
oh about payment?its free cause mom's fren kan.hahahaha.yeay for me!!! :))

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