Tuesday, May 21, 2013

first doctor appointment LPPKN

on day 21 period which is on 29 Mac 2013 again iya pegi LPPKN amik ujian darah.

then nurse minta iya call LPPKN semula on next 1st day period untuk wat appointment dgn doktor.

so....on 14 Mei 2013 , youandme pegi again LPPKN for the 1st time nak jumpe doktor (byk abis cuti youandme tahun ni.huhu)

b4 this sume jumpe nurse jeee.all the test pon nurse wat kan....hsg je kat KPJ doktor ade ;)

dalam jam 11 pagi camtu baru dpt jumpe doktor.hehe.sbb youandme datang pagi tu lambat.siap thegeh2.

pastu masa jumpa doktor...kite punye results test sume dah ada ngan doktor:

1.test sperm husband
2.test darah husband
3.test darah iya (day 2)
4.hsg test iya
5.test darah iya (day 21)
6.jawapan soal jawab youandme

so...all the results dah ada ngan doktor.masa ni Ya Allah hanya diriMu tahu bertapa nervous ye laaa.huhu.

but the doctor is so nice,funny and understanding.
he try to xplain all the things to us.
mula2 dia xplain result husband dlu which all excellent.
the funny part is doktor kata you dermawan coz beyond result lg dia bagi.hahahahaha.lol!!!!

then my turn.and it turn out okay too... :) Alhamdulillah.
then doktor kata suppose xde prob but what the cause of problemo to conceive?thats the big question!!! all we can say is takdir Allah ^_^

so doctor suggest youandme wat IUI.
and in the mean time have to wait for another next 1st period.
then call LPPKN again to make 2nd appointment.

next tu akan wat scan rahim again.but this time nak tgk kesuburan telur iya .nak tgk waktu bile subur.besar mana telur.and if okay,IUI leh wat. 

youandme hoping its all okay. :) in shaa Allah


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